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Custom dog clothing website has been developed by ES Interactive of Las Vegas and Seattle.

PRIMP DOGGY’S ready-to-wear line of dog clothing, as well their as couture line of custom dog apparel is different than most other dog attire or dog apparel you may have seen whether it be doggy formal wear, dog coats, or canine couture.

Rather than modifying human clothing styles to fit a dog, Primp Doggy fashion apparel was designed with a dog’s anatomical structure in mind, resulting in styles that fit exquisitely without hampering any doggy shenanigans.  Easy to put on and easy to remove, our canine clothing actually celebrates the unique anatomy and personality of the dog. A dog in doggy clothing is just ordinary. A dog dressed in Primp Doggy ready-to-wear or couture dog apparel  is extraordinary.

PRIMP DOGGY exists for a reason. While some people are content to purchase just one basic dog coat to last the life of their dog, other individuals with discriminating taste and active social calendars desire a dynamic, fashionable wardrobe for their pampered pups to ensure their dogs are dressed for any and all occasions, not just for inclement weather.

PRIMP DOGGY’S ready-to-wear division of dog clothing strives to accommodate those unique individuals by designing and producing fashionable dog apparel that reflects current trends in the up-market clothing industry. Each ready-to-wear line of dog clothing is produced in the USA, in limited numbers, of only the finest quality textiles. Unique embellishments such as genuine Swarovski crystals, European buttons or ruffled belts further adorn each style.

PRIMP DOGGY’S couture division takes canine fashion to the next level by connecting you to a doggy stylist who will create one-of-a-kind fashion apparel for your special dog, for your special day. You know your dog is unlike any other, so why should he or she wear common dog clothing? Primp Doggy’s couture division begins each design by considering your dog’s unique appearance and physique, your preferred colors, and your special event to create distinctive custom dog clothing unlike anything you’ve every seen. Whether you need a doggy party or wedding dress, a doggy tux or formal suit, or simply a gorgeous, winter dog coat, you can contact Primp Doggy’s couture division to get your dog styled in a manner that reflects your good taste.


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