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If you’ve ever shopped online for anything for your dog, you won’t be surprised to learn that Primp Doggy, like pretty much every other dog product company in existence, began with a vision inspired by one of my own dogs. In my case, that dog was a little Boston Terrier with one blue eye and one brown eye named Pez and the product was fashion apparel for dogs. (You’ll see Pez all over the site and no, he isn’t embarrassed to model some girl styles now and then.)

Prior to Pez coming into my life, the only time I dressed any of my dogs was when I put a t-shirt belonging to my husband on my beloved, late dog Buck following the amputation of his front, left leg due to cancer. Even though the shirt served a specific purpose I thought Buck, a 120 lb. Rottweiler, looked adorable. Had dog clothing been available in his size, I surely would have dressed him up for special occasions. RIP Buck.

In 2003 when Pez came home to be my “baby,” many friends gifted me with cute little outfits for him, but what I quickly discovered was the apparel wasn’t designed with a dog’s anatomy in mind. There were the sleeves for one thing. Since when do dogs have arms? (Now I do realize certain breeds of dogs can wear sleeves without any problems, but breeds with broader chests experience discomfort in most of those designs.) If it wasn’t the issue of sleeves, it was the issue of style; I am simply not interested in dressing my dog in a beater-t emblazoned with the word “stud.” I like that look for my 20 year-old, foster-daughter’s dog, but not for my own dog.

After a couple of years searching for masculine, tasteful clothes to dress Pez in for special occasions, I gave up and began to make his clothes myself. I knew I was on to something when strangers made comments such as, “That outfit is really suited to him.” or, “Oh, what a dapper little fellow!” and followed up with a, “Where did you buy that?” I threw my hat into the ring and launched Primp Doggy with a vision to create distinctive, stylish, fashion apparel designed to accommodate a dog’s unique anatomy and to celebrate their inimitable personalities.

As a result of my own, personal experience, or rather Pez’ experience, Primp Doggy’s ready-to-wear line was designed in a wrap style to ensure a proper and comfortable fit for any dog’s physique. Even those dogs who have never worn clothing seem unaware they have anything on when wearing a Primp Doggy design! And the style of Primp Doggy apparel is fashion-forward and fun without being “hello-kitty trendy” so it appeals to a variety of tastes and lifestyles.

Primp Doggy’s custom/couture division evolved as a result of customer’s requests for customized designs for their larger, or hard to fit dogs. All of Primp Doggy’s couture gowns and suits are individually designed so no two will ever be alike. Fabric is chosen based on the coloring and physique of the dog as well as the color preferences of the owner, not based on what we have in stock at the moment. In this way, Primp Doggy is more of a “doggy stylist” than just a dress maker or tailor.

If you have an ordinary life and an ordinary dog, go ahead and buy regular dog clothes from your local, discount dog-mart, but if you have an extraordinary life and an extraordinary dog, you better get that dog styled in the best way possible…and that’s with Primp Doggy - Fashion Apparel for the Well-Heeled DOG.

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