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CUSTOM COUTURE GOWN - As reviewed by Pampered Puppy
October 1, 2007

Thank you to Angie McKaig of Pampered Puppy for taking the time for the following review!

Is it wrong to be jealous of your dog? I've never had a custom designed couture gown in my life, but my princess does. (Why oh why did I not name this site  And it's literally one of the most stunning things we've ever seen in our lives.

Primp Doggy, a designer of ready-to-wear clothes for dogs as well as custom couture, contacted us a few months back to see about creating a one-of-a-kind custom gown for the princess. And what could we say to that, other than: wow! Yes, please!

The custom couture division of Primp Doggy creates dog gowns and suits that are individually designed, fabrics chosen on the coloring and physique of the dog (as well as any special preferences of the owner). Their work is stunning and the end results are unbelievable. To get an idea of the amount of work involved, we just have to share the words of the designer herself:

Based on information gleaned from which includes numerous stories and photos describing Merry's personality and antics, I set to work:

The fabric used was specially chosen for her because it was complimentary to her own coloring. I consider Merry a blonde, so the bronze-gold of the taffeta which iridizes to black seemed perfect. Furthermore, I though tht texture and color of the black velvet mimicked the soft, luminous black of her little closen face.

The fabric itself chosen the general style of the gown. The taffeta has a "crisp" hand lending itself well to the bubble style skirt. Merry's little princess face inspired the ruffled velvet collar, the twinkle in her eyes inspired the Swarovski crystals adorning the collar, and the wrinkles of her squishy little face inspired the gathered velvet belt. I chose a lighter colored, crepe back satin to line the bodice of the gown so Merry's blonde fur would brush off easily and not show up too much after wearing it."

I almost never quote directly from the designer, but we had to share all of that with you. Not only does it describe the dress better than I could have, it also gives you insight into the amount of care and thought that the folks at Primp Doggy put into each and every custom gown or suit they so.

Particularly impressive to me was not only the design choices based on matching Merry's personality and figure, but also the inclusion of the satin lining the interior of the gown to minimize shedding, which pugs (and Merry's no exception, princess or not) are famous for, trust me. The stuff gets everywhere. That level of attention to detail is just - astounding. Color me more than impressed.

The final result is an incredibly well made piece of couture wear that is finely crafted and polished in every way. Obviously the fit was perfect - it was, after all, built to the pug's exact measurements - but it also fit the shape of her body incredibly well, and that's something only a true designer with a wonderful eye can determine.

The princess wears the gown as though she spent her entire life in it. It doesn't pull or fit uncomfortably anywhere - I bet you she could play ball in the thing. And yet she'll look us as much at home at our fancy holiday cocktail party this year, meeting and charming the guests at the front door.

If I ever need a custom piece for Merry again, I definitely know where to go. I can't imagine choosing anyone else!

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